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Wordpress Magic Support

SupportOur Response time on logged support tickets is extremely fast. We respond immediately upon receiving notification of a logged ticket, so you can expect a reply within a maximum of a few hours of logging your query.

If you need any help or support, or you'd just like to ask a question, please log a support ticket at our support desk.

Minimum Requirements

Most hosting providers these days keep their servers up to date with the latest software, and therefore for the vast majority the minimum requirements are met by default. If you're unsure however, then please check with your hosting provider.

  • Wordpress Version 3 or greater
  • PHP Version 5 or greater with:
    • PHP cURL Extension Installed
    • PHP SimpleXML Extension Installed
    • GD Extension Installed
    • Iconv Extension Installed
    • Safe Mode disabled
  • MySQL Version 5 or greater

Speed is server-load and ISP dependant.