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Magic Post Wizard

Insert ANY code you want into thousands of posts in seconds!

Magic Post Wizard allows you to insert any code you like into as many Wordpress posts as you like to either the top or the bottom of the post. Wordpress's post editor (TinyMCE) by default messes with and often changes the code you insert, often creating undesirable results. Furthermore, Wordpress often filters out code you want inserted in your post entirely!

This is a very frustrating habit of Wordpress's, and Magic Post Wizard makes it easy to get around this! Magic Post Wizard allows you to insert the code you want to directly into the post without it being tampered with.

Simply create a Magic Post Wizard template and insert the code you want to insert into your posts into the template. Magic Post Wizard will save the code for you in your template list. You can now choose to insert one or multiple templates to the top or bottom of each post you select. You can choose to insert these template into all your posts, a hand-picked select few, or an entire category of posts.

Once you've chosen which templates to insert and were to insert each one in the posts, as well as which posts to insert them into, Magic Post Wizard goes to work, and in seconds flat, the job is done! Each time the post is viewed, Magic Post Wizard places the code you added into the template directly into your post.

Magic Feeds Wizard also has the ability to create Magic Post Wizard templates directly, so once you've done so in Magic Feeds Wizard, all you have to do to insert your feeds is choose the posts and add them!