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Magic Feeds Wizard

MONETIZE your Wordpress posts the easy and fast way!

Magic Feeds Wizard makes adding product listings to your posts, all automatically linked to your affiliate code via SEO-friendly links as easy as child's play!

All you need to do is select your chosen affiliate network on the tabs on the right. Enter the required information and then start selecting the options provided. Switch through as many network tabs as you like and choose all your options.

Once you have done so, simply tick the affiliate networks you want to include products from in your posts in the Post Tag Generator and Magic Feeds Wizard creates your insert tag on-the-fly. You can make any adjustments you want by changing any options and Magic Feeds Wizard will automatically adjust your tag as you do so.

Each and every option available can be included or excluded to the feed you create - unlike some software, there are no fixed defaults which affect all your posts whether you want to or not. You can also save your most commonly-chosen options as defaults if you want.

You have complete control and flexibility over what products will be listed and how and where and on which posts.

You now have the option of copying the tag to the clipboard and pasting it manually into the position on the pages or posts you want, or you can save the generated tag directly into Magic Post Wizard, from which you can automatically insert the code into thousands of posts in seconds!

You don't even need to give us a keyword for Magic Feeds Wizard to grab relevant products to display on your pages! If you do not provide one, Magic Feeds Wizard will use the blog post title as the keyword. If you used Magic Content Wizard to create your posts with the option "Use Article Title" disabled, then the post title is already your chosen keyword for that post - perfect!

Unlike many of our competitor's products, you can also rest assured that your product feeds do not slow down your page load time, no matter how many feeds you've included! This is a major benefit, as Google does test the page load time and this does count against your page quality score!

As with all Wordpress Magic modules, Magic Feeds Wizard comes standard with inline tooltips as well, just in case what we've named an option doesn't explain itself! Just hover of the question mark to find out more details about the option, and even some tips and tricks!

Currently Magic Feeds Wizard supports listing products from Amazon and eBay and is being developed to include several more popular affiliate networks.