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Magic Content Wizard

BUILD Wordpress posts fast! An In-Depth look...

Magic Content Wizard will initially present you with a modest options panel for you to paste in the keywords you want content for and to customise the options for the content you want returned.

You may insert up to 1000 keywords for each run you perform with Magic Content Wizard.

Use the options on the right to choose the content you want included.

You can chose whether or not to include written content. There are times when you may not want the article content and this feature creates a lot of flexibility. You may, for example decide to only include product listings from Amazon together with images and videos, or any other combination.

You can chose whether or not to include an image in your post. There may be times, for example, when you may want to to monetize the position where the image would've been with Adsense, or some other banner or affiliate link.

Next up on the options list is the ability to add or omit videos from your post. We recommend including videos in your posts because they are a very popular media right now, and even the search engines love them. Nonetheless, Wordpress Magic was designed with power and flexibility in mind, so you have this option should you need it.

Magic Content Wizard is also capable of adding comments to each of your posts. There was once a time when you would have to wait and hope that somebody will comment on your post to show your visitors and search engines that your site has worthy of traffic, but not anymore! Magic Content Wizard can now automatically place those comments for you, all relevant to your post content, on autopilot and provide the depth of content that the search engines love to see. Deeper content means better uniqueness and better SERP rankings.

The category drop down box will automatically be populated with all the categories in your Wordpres blog. Simply click on the drop down box, choose the category you want Magic Content Wizard to post to, and it'll do the rest. You never have to worry about your content going to the wrong category as happens with some other auto blogging tools, or even worse, no category choice at all!

Use the layout template option to customise the layout of each post created by Magic Content Wizard. Choose to have the videos above or below the written content and the images floating on the left or right. You have the flexibilty to change layout to what best converts for you, or just to keep things original and different. Magic Content Wizard provides the ability for you to "mix it up" and the search engines love it when there is a mix that enhances the users experience when visiting your site.

There is a hidden benefit to layout templates which will save you even more time, and even allows you to create your own templates! We'll explain it all to you once you've bought Wordpress Magic!

The option to automatically publish posts or to save as a draft is great for those who like to edit and check their content before publishing.

The "Exclude Duplicate Keywords" option is set by default to auto-exclude any keywords that may be in your list or that you had already grabbed content for in the past. You don't have to manually filter through your keyword list for duplicates anymore - Magic Content Wizard will do it for you!

Magic Content Wizard gives you the option to use the grabbed written content's title as your post title or not. If you choose to not use the written content's title, the keyword used to grab the content for that post will be used instead. This option ("Use Article Title") is disabled by default, as we have found sometimes that most times it is better to use the keyword as your post title, while allowing the title of the article to remain intact, on the post, as part of the content.

Magic Content Wizard uses up to 4 levels of relevancy redundance, ensuring that it grabs only the most relevant possible content to create each of your posts with. Since the article title and content are usually highly relevant due to these redundancy levels, it enhances the on-page SEO value of each post. This is unique to Wordpress Magic when compared to most other autoblogging tools on the market.

Magic Content Wizard allows you to set the start date and end date by means of popup calendars, which enables you to decide how many posts and over how many days your posts will be published, with the ability to forward-date and back-date. The calenders make the decisions and do all the arithmetic needed to calculate the number of posts per day.

Clearing scrape history is another of the conveniences built into Magic Content Wizard for speed of recovery and action to get moving. While the duplicate content filter in Magic Content Wizard is a must in our opinion, there will be times when you need to erase the memory of Magic Content Wizard, and that is done easily with push of a button.

One example of the need for this feature is when you have added the wrong keywords list, chosen the wrong category or perhaps you want to go with a different layout template for whatever reason. Clearing the memory allows you to quickly start over and meet the demands of your hectic schedule with better speed and performance.

Advanced Options

Power users will find these options very useful. With the ability to control max image and video dimensions, power users have the flexibility to use custom themes that may or may not allow certain image or video sizes. There are many free Wordpress themes that are narrower than normal in the content area, and being able to adjust these sizes provide you with greater flexibilty. Once again, this is one option not often found in competing software.

Additionally, the flexibilty to determine the number of comments (all the way up to 50!) to be included in your post is second to no other autoblogging tool on the market. You even have the ability to filter for duplicate comments to make sure that each post as completely unique comments from one post to another.

Once you initialise Magic Content Wizard, it goes to work in the background, whilst at the same time giving you a detailed progress report of exactly what it's doing, the estimated completion time and many other statistics. The status window includes each and every keyword Magic Content Wizard has processed and what it has grabbed as content for each content type, at what relevancy level and much, much more!

Many times we have heard about how "un-user-friendly" some autoblog tools can be and we have made a giant step in alleviating that complaint, with suggestions, descriptions and best practices of how a certain feature may be used, all right there in the interface by means of inline tool tips so you can make decisions in a snap. You don't have to wait for an answer from the forum! You will be able to mouse over the tooltip icons (little blue question marks) and make a quick determination as to whether to use or change a function or not, depending on what you want to achieve.

Magic Content Wizard comes with preset defaults which have been determined as the best overall option set for most users. These defaults have been created with many hours of data being analysed which makes it super easy for beginners who can feel confident that they are using well-balanced, optimised settings from the get-go.

In case you still have any doubt that Magic Content Wizard is superior to the competition in any way, visit our product comparison page and see for yourself.