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What are Unique, Keyword-Targeted,
Monetized Posts in Minutes Flat For Your
Wordpress Blog Worth To You?

Internet marking is actually not a difficult business model, BUT there are often some very mundane tasks involved. You know what I'm talking about, right? Writing content and finding relevant products for your niche are probably 2 of the most irritating and time-consuming of those mundane tasks. Save thousands on auto repairs with best auto warranty.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Isn't there an easier, better way?"

Introducing Wordpress Magic

Wordpress Magic is a suite of plugins. Each plugin fulfills a specific function such as content creation, post code insertion and monetization, and although they are very powerful plugins in their own right, they are designed to interact with each other, creating a seamless, very powerful user experience, and even the "technically challenged" will be able to use it with ease! ALL the Wordpress Magic plugins are designed to be very powerful yet extremely easy to use and understand. Simply choose the options you want and click start, and Wordpress Magic does the rest.

Here's How Wordpress Magic Works:

BUILD Your Content with Magic Content Wizard

How long would it take you to build a website, find products to promote, and build 1000 pages of content? I'm sure you'd agree that just building 1000 pages of content manually could take years, right?

MCW Input Keywords, Get Posts!

Magic Content Wizard makes creating as many pages of content for your Wordpress blog as you like super easy and fast. Simply paste in your keywords and Magic Content Wizard will start using very powerful software alogrithms to scour the internet for the most relevant possible content it can find and publish a post for each keyword you've added, which will include written content, an image, a video AND even comments! What's more, because of the numerous sources of content making up a single post, and the built-in duplicate content filters, you can rest assured that posts created by Magic Content Wizard are unique!

That's just the tip of the iceberg though. Magic Content Wizard has many additional powerful features, including:

  • Articles, Images, Video and Comments from 9
    different sources (more being added constantly)
  • Four Automated Relevancy Levels Ensure
    Maximum Content Relevancy
  • Built-in Duplicate Content Filter
  • Built-in Post Scheduling System
  • Use Keyword as Post Title
  • Publish Posts to Specific Category
  • Automatic Post Tags Creation
  • Customizable Post Layout Options
  • Customizable Max Image Dimensions
  • Customizable Video Dimensions
  • Choose number of Comments
  • Built-in Duplicate Comments Filter
  • Advanced Status and Reporting System
  • Inline Tool Tips

Wordpress Magic is under constant development - these features are just the beginning, and most of them you'll probably never even have to use. But, if you're a power user, I'm sure you can immediately see some features which are simply not available anywhere else which afford you a lot of power and flexibility. For more details on Magic Content Wizard, check out the Magic Content Wizard page.

Within an hour, you could have over 1000 posts, each comprising of articles, videos, images, and comments scheduled to be published over the period you choose!

MONETIZE Your Content with Magic Feeds Wizard & Magic Post Wizard

1000 pages of content in an hour is no small feat, but what good is that content if it's not earning you any money? This is when you'll use Magic Feeds Wizard*(coming soon) to insert live product feeds relevant to your keywords from various sources including Amazon and eBay directly into your posts. You no longer need to manually find the products relevant to your niche - Magic Feeds Wizard will do that for you.

Choose Your Options and MFW creates the tag for you

Simply choose from the various the options from each affiliate network and Magic Feeds Wizard will generate the code for your live product feeds. There are many options and settings for each source, including:

  • Customizable Affiliate and Image Link Masking (SEO Links)
  • Product Listings Based on Post Title
  • Simple, Customizable Feed Options
  • Automated MFW Tag Code Creation Based On Chosen Options
  • Integration with Magic Post Wizard for Seamless Insertion into Posts
  • AJAX-based On-page Feed Loading (much faster page load)
  • Multiple Merchant/Affiliate Networks May Be Used for Product Listings
  • Inline Tool Tips

Check out the Magic Feeds Wizard page for more details. You can then manually copy and paste the code created by Magic Feeds Wizard into the posts you want to include your live feeds, or...

Let Magic Post Wizard Do It For You

Magic Post Wizard Inserts ANY code you want directly into your posts!

Magic Post Wizard allows you to insert any code you want directly into your Wordpress posts. You can insert any code you like into thousands of posts literally in seconds! It may be a simple affiliate link, banner or your Adsense code, or even some javascript or other code which Wordpress usually filters out or automatically changes. There's also a powerful integration between Magic Post Wizard and Magic Feeds Wizard outlined in the chart below:

Magic Feeds Wizard and Magic Post Wizard

This is where the true power of
The Wordpress Magic Suite comes into play -
seamless integration between each tool!

Magic Feeds Wizard can automatically create Magic Post Wizard templates with its code already inserted. All that's left for you to do is choose which posts, or categogy of posts you want to insert the code into (or you could just insert it into all the posts) and where in the posts you want it inserted: at the top or at the bottom. It doesn't get much simpler!

Imagine being able to publish 3 keyword-targeted posts each day for an entire year, already monetized with relevant products, all in the space of ±1 hour...

Wordpress Magic is teaming with so many options that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of option combinations. You may find this quite overwhelming. We don't blame you, and that's why we designed Wordpress Magic to be powerful enough for power users to find usefulness in its feature-rich abilities, but also very simple to navigate and very user-friendly.

Making a software application to be powerful and feature-rich, but also easy to use even for beginners is no easy task. But we've done it. We gathered around 50 beta-testers and they pushed Wordpress Magic to the limit and beyond for months. The amount of data we accumulated from this excercise alone is priceless, and is yet one more thing that puts Wordpress Magic above the rest.

What did we do with this data? We put it right back into the tool, including adding default options for each Wordpress Magic plugin which we have found to be the most balanced and most beneficial configuration for 90% of our users, thus making Wordpress Magic 100% plug-and-play!

No other software of this kind has gone this far to create comfort, peace of mind and convenience for the end user, whilst still offering such immense power. We have raised the bar for Wordpress tools, and we know you will benefit from that effort, without having to pay a higher price for your tool set!

The Complete Wordpress Magic Suite Currently Includes:

Magic Content Wizard

Magic Content Wizard
Minimum Value: $180.00

BUILD 1000 Posts in ± 1hr!

Magic Content Wizard is a superior product when compared to similar software in many respects, and those software packages sell for around $180.00. The advanced features and ease of use means we that Magic Content Wizard's true value is actualy far higher than that.

Magic Feeds Wizard

Magic Feeds Wizard *(coming soon)
Minimum Value: $158.00

Create multiple live product feeds for your posts from major Affiliate Networks such as Amazon and Ebay.

Magic Feeds Wizard has a unique integration and feature set which allows greater flexibility, product listings from more than 1 network and a time, faster loading times and ease of use. We have yet to find similar competing product. Additionally, we are adding more networks constantly. Buying plugins for each network independently can cost around $80 each, and if you buy these plugins separately, then don't even try adding more than 1 network feed to a post!

Magic Post Wizard

Magic Post Wizard
Minimum Value: $65.00

Insert HTML, Javascript Magic Feed Wizard-generated tags or any other code into 1000's of Posts at a time in seconds.

Magic Post Wizard is the glue that binds all the Wordpress Magic Plugins together, creating a seamless user interface between the modules. It is also however still very useful in its own right, allowing insertion of any code (including custom-built Magic Feeds Wizard tags) into posts at lightning-fast speeds.


3 Day Trial - Personal Coaching By Roger Rowe
Minimum Value: $ 250

This bonus alone makes purchasing Wordpress Magic an absolute no-brainer.

Roger Rowe is an established internet marketer (that is, he actually makes money as one), the founder of a successful internet marketing apprenticeship program and co-founder of Wordpress Magic. Roger has been teaching internet marketing tactics using Wordpress to beginner internet marketers for a year now. He advocates that the more automated and simple he makes the process for beginners, the more money they make and the faster it comes.

He has tutorials and techniques that are on the cutting edge of internet marketing technology, with the latest in power back linking tools and how to keep your sites form being sandboxed and/or deleted entirely. He knows and tracks Google's every move and tests extensively on a continual basis with his team of expertly trained affiliates and partners.


Free Lifetime Upgrades

Wordpress Magic is under constant development, and upgrades and new modules are released frequently. Each time these new modules and upgrades are released, the value of the software increases significantly.

We know that we don't have to give away free lifetime updates, and we could lock you into the version you've purchased and then offer you the "special upgrade price of....", thereby milking every penny we could out of you, but we honestly hate that!


Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

Wordpress Magic is extremely self-explanatory in its user interface, and the inline tool tips make it almost fool proof. Nonetheless, we cover all the aspects of using each module to gain the maximum benefit from each.

The total value of the software package and bonuses we're offering you is at least around $900.00 and we are aware of at least one competitor who offers a similar package for around $1 300.00.

Wordpress Magic is now selling at an introductory price of $147.00. This is far, far less than its value, period. We are well aware of this, and we will increase the price one day soon. The truth is that when you buy Wordpress Magic, you buy into an exclusive membership of users, and to protect the integrity of our software for those members, we will carefully monitor the supply / demand curve and make adjustments in price when need be, or even shut down sales for a "cooling off" period if need be.

The fact that you get to keep the very valuable bonus regardless truly makes buying Wordpress Magic an easy decision. All online credit card transactions are totally secure, and Paypal is accepted.